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DIY Halloween Kitchen Towel

It’s that time of year again, you’re out picking pumpkins, you’ll soon be smelling the burning wood from the bonfire and before long you’ll be placing decorations on your tree. It goes without saying though what an expensive time of year it is, but we’re here to show you the many ways you can get into the spirit with just a simple marker pen!

Starting in the kitchen, with tea-towels…

Add a touch of Halloween to your everyday essentials with our Shirt Markers. Here’s how;

1. Grab a tea-towel of your choice and attach a piece of card to the back. This doesn’t have to be new, just dry and not too textured.

2. Using a fine nib Drawing System pen, draw an outline of your chosen image.

3. Next, select your colours and colour away, gently stretching to ensure full coverage.

4. Once finished and dry, remove the card and iron at a medium heat to fix the colours.

Tip: Going in the same direction as the grain when colouring will give you a neater output.

Tip: Painting over other colours before ink dries will add a gradational effect.

The Artline Shirt Markers have been designed to withstand everyday washing. They are both waterproof and fadeproof and come in a choice of 19 colours.

Head to our Youtube so watch the transformation, along with loads of other DIY art and craft videos:

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