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About Shachihata

Shachihata Europe Ltd (SHEU) is a subsidiary of Shachihata Inc. which first started producing stamps

under the brand name Xstamper in 1925 and later went on to produce pens under the brand name


Since then Shachihata Inc. has expanded globally and gained worldwide recognition, with

subsidiaries in Australia, America, Asia and the UK & Europe.

SHEU was established in 2004 manufacturing both Artline and Xstamper brands which were

distributed within the UK and Europe, where we have since become popular names within

households, offices and the education market.


Communication is constantly evolving. Shachihata addresses this evolution with pride,

to bring our customers tools for marking, notifying, and approving digitally and in our

traditional inks. We pride ourselves on product quality, cutting edge technology and

providing useful consumer products that are easy to use.

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Our Name

We're proud to be a Japanese company, our name certainly gives it away!

The Shachi, or Shachihoko, for which Shachihata was named, is a mythological creature with the body of a carp and the head of a tiger. Shachi's protect

temples from fire by bringing rain - that's why they have sky-pointed tails.

There are many types of creatures like the Shachi in world-wide myths, like gargoyles. That's why it's a great name

for an international company. 

We take great pride in it!

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