The Artline range of stationery products are highly engineered, specially developed and designed to last.


Our products are used by people in a wide range of industries; from architecture to art, classrooms to construction sites and by golfers and gardeners. 


Whether you're a teacher or a technician, there will be an Artline product for you.

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Suitable for use on most surfaces. Ideal for decorating, colouring and layering.

Perfect on dark coloured card and paper, wood, ceramic, porcelain, metal, plastic, chalkboards and many more.


Available in three nib types - bullet, chisel and brush and a range of 20 colours, comprised of standard, pastel and metallic shades.

With a waterbased pigment ink, the Artline Decorite markers are ready to use instantly with no need to pump or shake!

Easily erased on non-porus surfaces with water.

Bullet nib


Artline Decorite EDF-1 BLACK

Chisel nib


Artline Decorite EDF-3 BLACK

Brush nib

Flexible width

Artline Decorite EDF-F BLACK

20 colours

Standard, pastel and metallic shades

Suitable for use on most surfaces

Photo paper

Artline Decorite - suitable for use on photo paper

Light coloured paper & card


Dark coloured paper & card


Artline Decorite - suitable for use on plastic




Artline Decorite - suitable for use on chalkboard

Drawing System Pens

Technical drawing pens for drafting, illustrating and graphic design; the friction-proof nib enables you to draw a consistent writing width throughout your work.

They have a metal reinforced collar nib which is suitable for ruler and template work without causing any nib damage.

Highly water resistant and fade proof, these pens are available in black, blue, red and green and in 9 different writing widths, ranging from 0.05mm - 0.8mm.


EKPR Special Purpose Markers

The Artline EKPR - Special Purpose Markers are designed to take the guesswork out of identifying the best marker for each job.


With high quality ink and strong barrels, the range includes a General Purpose Marker, Exterior Marker, Builders Marker, Concrete Marker, Gardeners Marker, Plumbers Marker and Electricians Marker.


Whether you're a professional in the industry or DIY-er in your own home, the Artline EKPR Special Purpose Marker range is ideal for any job!

Builders Marker

Artline Builders Marker EKPR-BDM

Concrete Marker

Artline Concrete Marker EKPR-CRM

Electricians Marker

Exterior Marker

Gardeners Marker

General Purpose Marker

Artline General Purpose Marker EKPR-GPM

Plumbers Marker

Garden Marker


Perfect for gardening and carpentry; the light resistant, water resistant and quick drying ink is ideal for outside use.

Suitable for all kinds of gardening goods such as plant marker labels, flower pots, etc.

The Garden Marker comes in black ink with a 0.8mm writing width and is UV resistant.


Glassboard Markers

The markers have a bullet shaped acrylic fibre tip and a writing width of 2.0mm.

Artline Glassboard markers are perfectly designed for marking on almost any surface including glass, plastic, ceramics and even on whiteboards.


They are easily erasable with a dry-wipe or water dampened wipe and come in eight vivid colours.

Artline Golf Master Marker

Twin function Golf Master Marker with a 1.0mm medium nib for marking golf balls and on the other end is a convenient 0.4mm fine nib for scorecard marking.

The pen comes with a clip-on golf ball marker to make securing the ball for clear, precision marking easy on the go.

Available in black, blue and red ink, these pens are waterproof, dry instantly and does not rub off or fade easily.

Artline Golf Master Marker

Laundry Marker

The Artline Laundry Marker is suitable for marking on linens and fabrics.


The fine. bullet style nib is ideal for lettering and labelling uniforms or decorating and the specially formulated indelible ink will withstand repeated washing.

Available in black, blue and red ink.


Long Nib Marker

The Artline Long Nib Marker is ideal for marking hard-to-reach places.


Featuring a 30mm long nib, the marker also includes a handy measuring scale on the barrel and an extra long holster-style belt-clip cap for convienient access.

Available in black, blue and red ink.

EK710 Long Nib Marker

Permanent Markers

Artline Permanent Markers come in a wide range of nib sizes and styles to suit any requirement.

Colourful permanent markers for a variety of uses. For use on most surfaces - paper, plastic, metal, wood, rubber, porcelain, card, etc.

Fast drying and water resistant ink produces long lasting clear results.


*16 ink colours available in the UK

Artline Stix Brush Marker
Artline Stix

Artline STIX come in a range of bright and colourful Drawing Pens, Brush Pens and Colouring Markers.

Along with the dedicated connectors, characters and building capability, STIX is designed to inspire and excite children to ‘Build & Draw’ in their day to day activities.

Artline Stix Brush Marker
Artline Stix Colouring Marker
Artline Stix Drawing Pen

Artline Supreme Pens come in a range of bright and fun colours. With a new contemporary design they are stylish and functional.


The Artline Supreme range is available in nine different types and whether you need something for the office or art studio, there's a Supreme pen for you.

Permanent - Bullet nib

Artline Supreme Permanent Marker EPF-700


Artline Supreme Brush Marker EPF-F

Permanent - Chisel nib

Artline Supreme Permanent Marker EPF-709


Artline Supreme Calligraphy Marker EPF-241 - 245

Permanent - Fine nib





Artline Supreme UV Permanent Marker EPF-700UV

Fine Pen

Artline Supreme Fine Pen EPFS-200


Artline Supreme Colouring Pen EPFS-210
Artline Supreme Range

T-Shirt Markers

The Artline Tshirt Markers can be blended together on fabric to create beautiful shades and creative effects on any design.

EKT2 CATALOGUE IMAGE - Fish Tshirt.jpg

Whiteboard Markers

& Accessories

Whatever type of whiteboard you use, Artline has everything you need. From a wide choice of Artline Whiteboard markers and Magnetic Erasers to Whiteboard Cleaning fluid and starter kits; our products are perfect for the classroom and office alike.

Artline Whiteboard Cleaner Kit Sharpie
Artline Supreme Whiteboard Marker
Artline Grooved Magnetic Eraser + EK525T

Artline Whiteboard Markers come in a wide variety of colours and nib sizes to suit any requirement.

Our EK541T, KE525T and EK525TT lines are twin ended whiteboard markers meaning you get two nib sizes in a single pen.


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