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Top 5 Marker Picks for Children's Art Week

29th June – 19th July 2023 celebrates Children’s Art Week, the national event where schools, art galleries, museums and community groups are encouraged to plan and provide art activities and events for children. With the aim of inspiring children, young people and families to engage with visual arts, this has become a popular national event across the UK. With that said we want to share with you our ‘Top 5 Markers’ that we think your children will enjoy the most!

First up, we have Artline StiX Markers. These pens have been created with an easy grip barrel with small hands specifically in mind. Providing extra entertainment, they also connect together in a Lego inspired design. Music to parents’ ears, these markers are water based inks meaning they are washable from most clothes and are non-toxic.

Providing hours of creative fun and allowing your children to wear their design proudly for others to see, we have the Artline T-Shirt Markers. These easy-to-use markers are waterproof & fadeproof and come in the choice of 19 bold colours meaning your child can be as original with their design as they like.

Why stop as t-shirts, as many parents find out the hard way, children love to draw on surfaces that aren’t just paper. Well, now you can let them enjoy their urge for creative freedom with the Artline Decorite Markers. These pens can be used on card, glass, porcelain, metal and plastic. What makes them even better is that they are erasable when used on non-porous surfaces. So grab a dinner plate for a non-permanent scribble or a ceramic plant pot for a more permanent design and let them unleash their creativity.

Taking on a more educational angle, the Artline Supreme Whiteboard Markers are perfect for wipe clean activity books. With a bullet style nib, they are great for practicing letter writing and come in a selection of beautiful colours. Even as adults I think we can all admit that writing with a whiteboard marker feels just that little bit more fun and that’s exactly what learning should be.

Last but not least is the Artline Supreme Brush Pens. A mess free alternative to watercolour paints, simply draw a picture on artist paper then grab a water brush to blend the colours the achieve the desired finish. These markers are available in a huge selection of 36 colours!

You can find a list of stockists of these products on the 'Where to Buy' page of our site. The Supreme Brush Pens can also be found on our Amazon store.

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