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Our new and exciting blog will be officially launched on 8th March 2022! This is a special day as it’s also INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day 2022!! But, first let me introduce myself…. My name is Kate and I am the new Senior Marketing Co-ordinator here at Shachihata!

Going forward I will be the proud author of this blog – with the aim to create new, exciting and relevant content on a weekly basis!

Anything Shachihata... you will hear it here first! Whether that be new products launching, exciting news regarding staff or general goings on within the Shachihata (Europe) Ltd HQ!!

To begin our blog launch we are creating a month-long marketing campaign regarding our Artline EKPR ‘special purpose’ industrial pens and markers. This campaign will aim to look at the stigma attached to females working in the construction and trade industry.

Over the years we have built a close working relationship with numerous empowering women with trades or working in the construction industry in general! …. And better still they LOVE our EKPR products <3

Following the launch of this blog we will be conducting interviews with four fabulous ladies in construction and look at their individual career journeys along with any challenges they may have faced! KEEP YOUR PEEPERS PEELED!

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