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The Pen vs The Keyboard

What you need to know before the new school year!

the pen vs the keyboard

For years now many people including students have been ditching the pens and swapping them out for laptops. In a world where technology is evolving so quickly, it is no wonder why. However, what impact does this have on our brains?

Well, much time has been spent by top scientists researching how the two different tools can affect the learning process. Teachers and students especially, you will probably want to listen up.

It has been proven that by using a pen for note taking, the mind’s ability to retain and process information is deepened, as larger networks of the brain are activated. This is also said for drawing as a visual way of note taking. Using a pen instead of typing on a keyboard means that the brain is being forced to sort out what information is worthy of being wrote down, instead of transcribing everything that is being said, which can often be done with very little concentration needed. The outcome is that in most cases those who note take with a pen as supposed to a keyboard, perform much better in exams.

So, start your new school year off to the best possible start by closing that laptop and reaching for a pen and paper.

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