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Author: Katie Gannon - Senior Marketing Coordinator @ Shachihata (Europe) Ltd.

Date: 08 March 2022

Just in case you haven’t heard about it… let me introduce you to our amazing Artline EKPR Industrial Range! It literally offers you a marker for ANY job!

Let’s start with our ARTLINE EXTERIOR MARKER (EKPR-EXM) – So, this marker can be used on multiple exterior surfaces, including; wood, metal, plastic and stone. This marker is UV resistant, Permanent, Instant Drying, Xylene Free. It is made up of dye stuff ink, an aluminium barrel, it has a bullet nib with a writing width of 1.5mm and is available in black.

ARTLINE PLUMBER’S MARKER (EKPR-PLM) – This handy marker can be used on wet and dry surfaces such as pipes, plastic, metal and copper. Along with being Xylene free and waterproof, our marker has a bullet nib with a writing width of 1.5mm, the product is contained within an aluminium barrel and is available in both black and red.

ARTLINE GARDENERS MARKER (EKPR-GDM) - This is one for the green thumbed individuals! This product can be used on pots, plant labels and plant leaves themselves! The markers are available in black, silver and white. The ink contained within the aluminium barrel consists of pigment and liquid permanent ink. The nib is bullet shaped and has a writing width of 1.5mm. Marker benefits are – Xylene Free, Waterproof and UV Resistant.

ARTLINE CONCRETE MARKER (EKPR-CRM) – The concrete marker is ideal for use on rough surfaces such as concrete, brick and grout. The durable nib ensures that all markings will be made with precision and the nib is bullet style with a writing width of 1.5mm. The marker consists of dye stuff ink, it is contained within an aluminium barrel and available in black. Further benefits of this marker are: long lasting nib, instant drying and Xylene free.

ARTLINE BUILDERS’ MARKER (EKPR-BDM) – This handy marker can be used on wood, sandstone, styrene foam and numerous other rough surfaces. The ink used within this marker is liquid and pigmented, permanent, UV resistant and fast drying. To ensure the markings are noticeable the bullet nib provides a writing width of 2.3mm. Both black and white colours are available.

ARTLINE ELECTRICIANS’ MARKER (EKPR-ELFT) – The twin ended permanent marker, with a plastic barrel in a non-conductive design has both a bullet nib and a super fine nib with a writing with of 0.4mm – 1.0. This pen is ideal for writing on plastic, wires, plasterboard and electrical tags. Available in both orange and black. Along with the barrel, the dye stuff ink used is also non-conductive and it is xylene free.

This range was created with the construction, labour and skilled trade industry in mind. We carefully carried out research to identify what was missing from existing similar products on the market along with speaking to skilled tradespersons. This enabled our team to create the perfect long-lasting products that were much needed within this industry. If you want to get yours today, please contact us here on our website and our team will direct you to your nearest stockist.

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