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Author: Katie Gannon - Senior Marketing Coordinator @ Shachihata (Europe) Ltd.

Date: 08 March 2022

Welcome to our new weekly blog and what a day to launch it on!! Seems as it is international women’s day let me introduce you to some wonderful and empowering ladies Jade Curtin – female plumber, Jenny Doherty – female electrician, Natalia Krystyna - Construction director and entrepreneur and Kelly Jones – Account manager at an industrial whole sale company. Each one of these ladies have looked beyond the ‘Stigma’ surrounding females working within the male dominated skilled trade and industrial segment – what fantastic role models!

I Have specifically chosen to discuss empowering women within the mentioned sectors as I think it fits nicely with the marketing campaign for our Artline EKPR industrial range! Not only that but all the ladies either use our pens or their company stocks them! Starting from next week we will release weekly interviews with each woman over a four-week period.

According to (Trusted Traders) the number of women working in the labour market has steadily increased since the 70’s. However just under 7% have a skilled trade and even less are in director or management positions within construction. However, A survey carried out a couple of years ago by the federation of master builders found that more than a third of London residents would prefer a female tradesperson. Although the demand is high for tradeswomen the industry is crowded with men, potentially making it daunting for some women to enter it.

This is why we think it is a great idea for you to hear how Jade, Jenny, Natalia and Kelly got into their individual career paths. Reading their stories can hopefully encourage any women considering such careers to go ahead and achieve their goals.

Don’t forget to come back next week and catch our interview with ‘construction queen’ Natalia Krystyna.


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