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This week in the UK it is National Stationary week (May 16-22 2022)! Each day has a different theme – Monday 16th May was #Makeanotemonday, Tuesday 17th May was #penandpencil, Wednesday 18th May was #worldstationeryday, Thursday 19th May is #workhappy, Friday 20th May is #fountainpenfriday, Saturday 21st May is #stationeryshopday and last but not least Sunday 22nd May will be #sendalettersunday!

Here at the Shachihata (Europe) Ltd HQ we are delighted that National Stationary Week has fell alongside our EVERYTHING Artline – arts & crafts campaign! See below suggestions form our Artline range that can be useful for some of the stationary days…

Monday 16th May 2022 - #makeanoteday

If you’re looking to make a quick note on a sticky pad, whether it be at work, a morning message for a loved one or a reminder to self - our Artline 200 fine 0.4 pen is perfect for general writing and it is available in 20 colours enabling you to brighten up your note!!

Tuesday 17th May 2022 – #penandpencilday

Rather than using a basic ballpoint pen – our Artline Softline 1700 ‘gel pens’ are great to use for general writing use in the office, home or school. The ball nib has a diameter of 0.7mm and the barrel possesses a rubberized grip, making the pen super easy to hold.

Wednesday 18th May 2022 - #worldstationaryday

With it being a WORLD Day – why not show off your best Artline supplies! One of our favourites here at the HQ is the Artline Decorite Range! Its offers colouring pens to get creative with, they are ideal for writing and decorating on card, glass, porcelain, metal and plastic. The Artline Decorite has three nib styles to choose from including, brush nib, chisel nib and bullet nib. Available in 25 colours! We LOVE the NEONS! The whole range would be a prefect addition to your arts & crafts stash!

Thursday 19th May 2022 - #workhappyday

Who doesn’t love a ball point pen? You will always work happy if your pen doesn’t run out of ink! So why not stock up on our Artline Roller Ball pens. It is not as basic as a regular ballpoint as it has a roller ball tip allowing for super-smooth writing! Available in Black, Blue & Red.

Saturday 21st May 2022 - #stationaryshopsaturday

There is nothing better than a good stationary re-stock! However, it can be boring when buying the same products repeatedly – so, why not try our Artline 660 Highlighters! They will brighten up your day – loudly with our neon colours or subtly with our beautiful pastel colours.

Sunday 22nd May 2022 - #sendaletterdaysunday

Why not try calligraphic writing when writing your letter and use our amazing Artline Calligraphy Pen! The range is vast with many nib sizes and colours available your letter could be as beautiful as you!

We hope you love our suggestions as much as us! Have a lovely day and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn – Shachihata (Europe) Ltd and across our social media pages (Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter) – Artline_EU.

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