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Common Wealth Games 2022

A Colourful Celebration of Sport and Human Performance

The Common Wealth games, commonly described as ‘a colourful celebration of sport and human performance’ kicks off on Thursday 28th July 2022. In true Shachihata style, it didn’t take long for our ears to prick up at the word colourful. And of course, the opportunity to support our nations.

Basketball created using Artline Brush Marker and Artline Drawing System
Basketball for Common Wealth Games

(Basketball: Created in house using Artline Brush Marker and Artline Drawing System pens 0.4 & 0.8)

In a nutshell, the Common Wealth Games aims to bring together the Commonwealth family through inspiring athletes to take part in the festival of sports, whilst creating a sense of friendship and community along the way.

Created using Artline Drawing System
Rhythmic Gymnast

(Image: @aydan_tnkrbell)

Beginning in 1930 and evolving ever since, this year’s games will be held in Birmingham, a UK city who are using the opportunity to celebrate the regions cultural diversity. The mission? To leave a positive impact, from improving health and wellbeing, to helping the region succeed and expand, alongside many other long-lasting aims.

Here at Shachihata, we are truly impressed by the vibrant, colourful design of this years mascot, otherwise known as Perry. So much so, we have decided to jazz up some of our own t-shirts here in the office using our Shirt Markers. Keep an eye on our TikTok @Artline_EU to see how easy they are to use!

Common Wealth Games Mascot

(Image: BirminghamMail)

Will you be taking some inspiration from this year’s games for your art work? Don’t forget to share them with us for a chance to be featured on our socials!

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